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Hello, welcome to HiTouch Consulting,I'm customer service assistant! our hotline is +8620-8355-5515, what can I do for you?
我们致力于为国内外企业提供专业的商务及法律解决方案。我们的服务包括:We are dedicated to providing professional business and legal solutions to international and domestic companies.

1、香港公司设立/年审/理账审计/开户(Hong Kong Company)
2、广州/海外公司注册(Company Registration)
3、代理记账(Tax & Accounting)
4、商标注册/专利申请(Trademark & Patent)
5、外国人中国工作签证(China Visa)
6、其他服务(Other Services)国际驾照,中港车牌等

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